A domain is a special address that you're able to get through a registrar company. All units that are connected to the World-Wide Web, including web servers, feature numeric addresses, or IP addresses, which are quite difficult to remember, that's why the domain name platform was introduced as an easy way to distinguish a particular site on the Internet. Thus, your web site can be reached at www.domain.com as an alternative to, for example. Your domain name includes two parts - the Second-Level Domain, that is the actual site name that you'll be able to choose, and the Top-Level Domain, that is the extension - .com, .net, .org and so on. You will be able to register a new domain name from any sort of registrar or transfer an active domain between registrars in a couple of easy steps. Whenever you decide to do the latter, your domain name will be renewed instantly by the gaining registrar as soon as the transfer process is completed. Along with the generic Top-Level Domains, there're country-code ones as well. Many of them can be registered by anyone, while others need regional presence or a business license.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Hosting

Using our shared web hosting packages, you will be able to register as many domains as you'd like and handle them without any difficulty. Our company is a partner of an ICANN-accredited registrar enterprise for a variety of domain extensions, which allows us to supply fast and reliable registration services. For various other extensions we collaborate with some of the biggest companies on the market and as a result, you're able to register domains with over 50 extensions from your hosting Control Panel. In case you get your account from us and you have domains registered elsewhere, you are able to migrate them and manage them easily from a single place together with your website hosting space. Renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, and tailor-made domain records are just a few of the options that you can access for any of your domains with just a few mouse-clicks using our feature-rich Domain Manager application.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you decide to register a new domain name when you get a semi-dedicated server from us, you'll have more than fifty extensions to select from, both country-code and generic ones. For most of them, we are an accredited registrar, that allows us to provide speedy registration services. For others, we work with some of the top-acclaimed companies on the world wide web market. If you already have domain names through some other supplier, you are able to move them with us and take care of them in one place with your semi-dedicated account. Because some extensions have particular conditions to be registered or moved, we shall help you with the process up till your domain is functioning on our end. We'll also provide you with a state-of-the-art Domain Manager tool, via which you will be able to order/renew domains, obtain Whois Privacy Protection for them, make customized records, take care of the WHOIS contact information, and much more.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers

Along with your dedicated server, you'll be able to register as many domain names as you'd like and control them from your server’s billing Control Panel. We offer tens of country-code and generic TLDs that you'll be able to choose from, which means that you can register the best domain names based on the nature of your websites as well as the countries or regions that you want to target. We're a certified registrar for most of the TLDs, while for other extensions we work with some of the greatest registrars on the market. This allows us to offer competitive rates, rapid registrations along with outstanding management solutions. You can also transfer your current domain names and manage them from a single place with your dedicated server. We'll renew them the moment your transfer process has been finalized.